New blog title:

humanista fantastica was the result of one of my professors calling me a humanista and then my friend adding on the fantastica. It fit perfectly with the tone of this blog, where I wrote essay length musings periodically.

But life is moving on and now that this blog has lasted half a year and continues to garner a semblance of a following I want to utilize it more.

This summer I have quite a few projects lined up, an egregious list of books I want to read, and a few trips to take. In the Fall, I will officially and finally begin my graduate program and a full time internship that is very exciting and my hope is that I can engage in sharing all of this in a meaningful and more consistent way without turning this blog into a diary.

So my new title is “Burn the White Flag” which is in reference to a song by folk band Joseph. I asked my friends to describe me in one word or phrase and as the responses came in I had to laugh: “Stubborn.” “Driven.” “Hopeful.” “Brave.” “Focused.” Most flattering, “Don’t tell me what to do,” from my boyfriend. So the song “White Flag” popped into my head as a decent amalgamation of those words.

The banner is a picture from my senior photo shoot of all of my favorite books or books from some of my favorite courses.

I don’t have many followers yet, but I have more than I expected to have already. Thanks for that.


Here’s to graduating.

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